by Wintermute

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Tracks 1-5 are about the concept of Xeifen. Tracks 6-10 have their own stories.

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released December 21, 2014

Xeifen (Everything)



all rights reserved


Wintermute Orillia, Ontario

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Track Name: Xeifen I: The Shrieks of a Raven
Proclaim to all your intentions, for I seek not your history
Divinity shall show its choices: right or left?
That is your choice
That is your riddle
That is your decision

The gatekeeper revealed to me, the true solitude
Track Name: Xeifen II: Untätigkeit
At the centre of the earth, lies a demon frozen in time
a palace of crystal encases him, mocking his hatred
Sanguinary and macabre, welcome to the supreme depression
where the ice-mirrors reflect visions of he who once dreamt
Track Name: Xeifen III: Oarsman of the Void
Lost in this hole of glass
still the ice enchains
Every exit leads home
still the mind wanders

The silence of his sentence
denser than lead
thicker than the air he breathes

As the ship comes to harbour, he must not board
for therein resides a plan of misery and dread
He shapes the spider's web underground,
in the cavernous grave of the dead
Track Name: Xeifen IV: Freiheit
An opening
a rift in the sky
heel forward,
might and decide

From beneath
the rain flows upward
against their tears, spiralling
into the blackened moonshine
Track Name: The Wastes
Walk now, and you will find life,
for the key to all crawls deep
beneath these sands
Track Name: The Realm of Provenance
To dream upon the nightsky
where the gods prance about
is to shoot soul into the man
For what is life without a lie?

The spirit of this dream
is but as fleeting as an arrow
ephemeral, though what is it worth
when he does not breathe?
Track Name: To Dive into Hellfire
He gazes into the depths, under the moon to his guard
The roaring waves mean nothing, hope is not found
"Is this... what we're here for?"
Das Ende der Zeit
Track Name: Woods of Eternity
White snow drifts down from the trees, through morning air
Flakes shine and dance in the breeze, like embers from prayers
Lost in these woods of eternity, his soul slogs on
Fascinated by all, he follows me into the dense fog